The Delphi DS450

The Delphi DS450E package offers high-level diagnostics across the key electronics systems for both car, light and heavy-duty vehicles. Powered by Windows 8, the very latest tablet combines ultra mobility and complete connectivity with rugged reliability. With a wide-view 10.1” IPS (in-plane switching) display and five-finger multitouch technology, technicians can quickly determine fault codes and be guided to the suspect area.

Key Functionality

  • Full system coverage
  • Service light reset
  • Read and erase fault codes
  • Read and graph live data parameters
  • Intelligent system scan (ISS) - full vehicle ECU scans
  • Programming
  • Component activation and adjustment
  • ECU coding
  • Print and save diagnostic reports
  • Full OBD flight recorder
  • VIN recognition
  • Battery voltage monitoring
  • Intelligent system updates (ISU)
  • Intelligent system identification (ISI)